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Question: What area do you cover?
Answer: We are based in Bromsgrove and cover a 20 mile radius

Question: What are your working hours and do you work weekends?
Answer: We work weekends. Our office/phone line opening hours : 
Monday to Friday  7:30am -10:30pm, Saturday 8am - 8pm
Our Domestic technicians usually work 9:30am - 2:30pm.
Our larger Commercial team of technicians work various hours to suit your business,  from 6am up till 2am.

Question: How long have you been in business?
Answer: iShine was founded in 2000 (see our 'about iShine' page) which gives us not just the knowledge but the opportunity to provide you with the benefits of working with the best quality of cleaning service and the best saving of your expenses. 

Question: Are you and your workers insured?
Answer: Yes, we have a full Employers, Key holders and Public Liability Cover.

Question: How do you select and get your cleaners?
Answer: All our technicians are fully trained and vetted to provide a high standard of cleaning service. All of them have Identity Cards.
We also check for UK Passport, Full Driving Licence, Proof of Address Bill or Statement, Check of English skills, along with references from previous employers & National Insurance Number. CRB checks are available if required. 

Question: Can you clean my place when I am at work or when I am not at home/office/property?
Answer: Yes, we can clean the property when no one is in there as long as we have an access to it. Providing us a key , gives us much flexibility and better chance to arrange a cleaner who is local. 

Question: What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the cleaning service?
Answer: If you are not satisfied with the result of our cleaning then we will re do the job free of charge as long as you require the cleaning service you have already booked with us before. 

Question: How can I change the day of the cleaning or how can I cancel the service?
Answer: If you need to change the day of the cleaning session we will need at least a week notice and if you would like to cancel the cleaning service we will need at least 24 hours notice. 

Question: Do I pay to you or to the cleaner and is there any agency fee that applies?
Answer: If you have booked a regular cleaning service with iShine we prefer if you could pay directly to the office for the first few visits after that you can set up a direct debit to our account or an invoicing system. If you have booked a One Off Clean or End of Tenancy Clean the payment has to be made at least 24hours before the day of the cleaning or on the day of the cleaning, but no later than this. There is no agency fee or additional charges on top of what you have been quoted. Business's will receive an invoice at the end of each calendar month and are expected to fully pay within 14 days. 

Question: What are the charges?
Answer: We offer a completely bespoke service, tailored to each individual and their needs. We initially survey & audit the premises (which takes approximately 1 hour and is free of charge) Then our analysts will put together your personal quote usually within 24 hours. You are under no obligations to book at any point.

Question: Do you provide cleaning products and equipments on regular basis?
Answer: Yes, we provide all our domestic technicians with speciality cloths, a products kit & Hoover which they bring to your home. 
Answer: Commercial products & equipment will be provided & expected to stay on site.

Question: Can I specify the day of the cleaning?
Answer: Yes. You can specify the day of you cleaning session and we will make every effort to meet your requirement. 

Question: Can I have a cleaner for an hour only per cleaning visit?
Answer: Yes. We have minimum of an hour per cleaning visit.

Question: Can our cleaner launder & iron for us while visiting?
Answer: Yes. At your own discretion, iShine cannot be held responsible for any damage to clothing or machines at your home.
We offer and are fully insured for our own laundry services at our premises. We will even pick up & return to you within the price.

Question: Can I give the cleaners keys for the premises? 
Answer: Yes. After your clean your key is returned to us by the technician. All keys are kept locked in our safe on coloured, randomly numbered tags there is no access to addresses, contact numbers, alarm codes or other personal information; therefore we believe that it is completely safe to provide us with set of keys.

Question: What does the i stand for?
Answer: The i in iShine is for individual, incomparable,  instructive, informative & immaculate. 

"Don't just make it sparkle, make it iShine"
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